Ask Louie Barletta Pro Skateboarder NC Team Rider Enjoi

Louie answers some questions for the kids. Ask Louie Barletta Pro Skateboarder NC Team Rider Enjoi.

Louie Barletta

LB literally fell onto the scene thanks to a scene video featuring the merry pranksters that are the Tilt Mode Army. Since his unique introduction, Louie has been bagging praise and making friends all around the globe.

With good times and an independent route, it wasn’t long before Louie crossed paths with Crossfire. He turned up unannounced at our 2006 Southbank 7-Set Jam and got amongst it. Which led to a day out in South East London on a filming mission for this very website.

Here’s an interview answered late at night with adult entertainment cranked up in the background that was completed on March 6th 2007. Louie takes time out from his busy schedule of fun as well as hiding his salami to answer a few questions compiled by Zac and Ralph L-D.

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