Carver Skateboards

Carver skateboards are the closest feeling to surfing you  can get on land.

Come on in and check out our selection of Carver SurfSkateboards

Come on in and check out our selection of Carver SurfSkateboards

What was once just a regular back truck has evolved into a precise rear pivot that works under your back foot like a set of fins. Because the increased action and smoothness is matched perfectly with the front truck. Also integrating into a seamless mix of performance that enable faster pumps as well as tighter turns and grip and drive you need.

How to select the right Carver Complete skateboard!

Deciding on which board is right for you comes down to what kind of riding you want to do. The best rule of thumb is to pick your board according to the length of the wheelbase. The wheelbase, which is measured as the distance between the trucks, plays the most important part in the performance. The shorter the board, the easier it is to pump, while the longer the board the more stability is gains for speed and pushing. The shorter boards have a tighter turn radius and are very agile and so are great for flat land pumping and surfskating. The longer boards are good cruisers and can handle faster surfskating. The second factor is the shape of the template and mold. Spoon nosed models with kicktails are perfect surfskates and cruisers. While the double kick models are great for parks and street/surf hybrids. Carver Complete Skateboards in stock.

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