Boosted Electric Skateboards Scooters Mini X, Stealth as well as Rev

w Rev  Scooterr!

The Boosted Rev Is an Absolute Blast

It was always our plan to do all of these different kinds of vehicles,” Russakow says of Boosted’s grand intentions. “About 85 percent of an electric vehicle is the powertrain, and the frame you put over it—whether a skateboard or scooter—is the last 15 percent.”

Rip the Rev right out of the box and you’ll see the frame is sleek, but simple, with a wide neck, a wide handlebar, and fat tires. Think: more function than flash.

“We wanted to design something that would make for a comfortable ride,” Ulmen says. “This isn’t a scooter you grew up with as a kid that’s going to be squirrely and wobbly. It feels really clean and stable.” Come and take a test ride sunday 8-25-2019 12 to 5.

Boosted Rev, which retails for $1,599, features all-wheel drive, dual-wheel motors (1500 watts each), is able to travel up to 24 mph with a range of 22 miles, and climb and descend 25%-grade hills. Rev is also designed to handle thousands of miles per year for several years. Thanks to the dual motors, it hauls ass up hills. Seriously, I was busting up the hills of San Francisco at 19 mph.

The Rev has three ride modes that respectively max out at 12, 18 and 24 mph. Unlike many other scooters on the market, Rev features wide air-filled tires to help with shock absorption and traction. The Rev also features three different breaking mechanisms: the hand brake, electric brake and foot brake. In my experience, the electric brake worked well enough to not need any of the other brakes, but it was still nice to have the hand brake for some peace of mind.

Boosted Electric Skateboards Scooters Mini X, Stealth, Rev

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