Where Back! Day After Christmas December 26th 2017 Hours 10:00am to 5:30pm

NC will be open Day After Christmas December 26th 2017 Hours 10:00am to 5:30pm. Generally speaking today will be yet another busy day for all of us so lets take a deep breathe and relax. With out a doubt the day after Xmas is crazy exchanging gifts, spending gift certificates, you name it. One of our most common requests as a matter of fact is Skateboard and scooter assembly. Skateboard assembly in most cases can be done on the spot in less than 30 min. whereas Scooter assembly is a whole different animal scooter assembly requires a lot more time than a skateboard.  We prioritize assemble and repairs based on 2 main factors. Number 1 scooter that where purchased in our store have priority and number 2 is first come first serve.

However be prepared to leave your scooter it might take us a day to complete all repairs and assembly. It is our goal to complete each scooter repair quickly as possible with out compromising the quality of work and service.

December 26th 2017 Hours nc-boardshop-16203-los-gqtos-blvd-los-gatos-ca-skateboards-scooters

Skateboard and scooter assemble as well as repairs!

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