Enjoi Skateboard team in Tapai Jerry Hsu

The enjoi dudes shredding in Tapai! Enjoi Skateboard team in Tapai Jerry Hsu.

Caswell Berry has been in the game for a minute. He had his first published skate photo in a magazine when he was 11. He rode for the Ventura’s notorious Christian-themed board company “Renaissance” (As in “Born Again”) when he was 13. Rode for Powell alongside Javier Sarmiento and Danny Wainwright in his late teens. Then joined Diego Buchierri, Billy Marks, Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens and the rest of the loyal pawns at Toy Machine right around the time he turned 20–appearing and turning pro alongside Ed’s assorted sex toys in the ’02 tour video Sucking the Life. But after changing teams three times in his first decade of sponsorship, since switching to the Panda in ’04–Caswell has stood firm as a mainstay rider at enjoi for almost a decade and a half. Combining the comforts of living in his home town of San Jose with the convenience of it also being the Tiltmode Army’s and enjoi’s home turf–I checked in with Mr. Berry to gauge how he was growing into his role as a seasoned veteran.
Photos by Wes Tonascia


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