The Colt Pro Scooter

The Envy Colt Pro Scooter is great for the kid who is just starting out or for the advanced Pro. To sum up the colt is a great scooter at a great price.



Great Holiday Gift !

Foremost you’ll be hard-pressed to find an entry-level pro scooter that packs as much punch as the Envy Colt Pro Scooter. The legendary Colt returns for 2017, bringing Envy quality and dialed aftermarket parts together into a stunning looking scooter. Furthermore the attention towards detail and performance just like the rest of the Envy Range is built on. In addition the deck comes in at 19.5” by 4.7” wide, and bars are nicely sized at 22.83″ high by 20.5” wide. The wheels are a game changing 110mm, which is unheard of for entry level pro scooters.

Envy Colt Scooter

To summarize the Envy Colt Scooter is in our opion the best scooter in its class.

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