Our dear friend Fnan Tessay, aka Blood Diamond, came through with his latest footy. Watch his video and leave a comment letting us know if you think we should put him on the team or not. If enough people are feeling it then Fnan will get on.

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  1. Yay

  2. I’ll be pissed if Fnan is not on the team.

  3. f’yay

  4. Not enough backside lipslides.

    Despite that: Yay…I guess…

  5. Definitely should put him on the team! He used to teach me how to skate when he skated great oaks alot… too bad he goes to red park alot now. I miss him so much.

  6. fnan’s my boy! Yay that ass

  7. congrats F’nan, but your brother is still way more steezy…Kidding Bra’ good job.

  8. Ive known fnananabanana for ruffly 7 years.
    funny guy gnarly style always something new out those skinny pockets.
    he will defiantly influence your team if you let him on.
    Helped me learn to skate better.. shit

  9. helll ya!!!!

  10. 🙂 two thumbs upp you beezie

  11. Blood diamond? Hella fucked hahah, yay all the way

  12. hell yay

  13. yayy

  14. Hells frickin yay!

  15. YAY!!

  16. Of course yay!

  17. put this nigggg on!!! you aleady know the deal this is a yay fosho

  18. He should so ride for skateworks! Wait? This isn’t skateworks.com?

  19. good shit!!! add him pronto!

  20. no doubt, put him on!

  21. hellll yah put him on!


  23. ill kill you if you dont put him on!

  24. F. O. E. my nigga fnan over everything

  25. kick mike salsberg off and put him on the team!!