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Jerry Hsu

I remember you once telling me you’d sometimes spend hours trying to come up with the perfect caption for a photo on social media. Does that stuff still command so much of your attention? Do still update all your Tumblr accounts and all that stuff?

I’ve kinda given up on it for now. But not fully because I still think about it as well as I still think, like, “What should I do with it? Should I just keep it going?”. I think it’s okay if you have a creative outlet to leave it alone for a while. I just kind of got a little bit disinterested in it. The passion for it just kind of went away. But that’s not to say that it’ll never be back. But it’s just kind of a thing where maybe I moved on. Maybe I’m just bored of that as well as I don’t want to do that anymore. You just have to decide for yourself whether something is important to you or not. You really shouldn’t think, “Are people expecting me to do this?” That really shouldn’t be your motivation. It should just be: do you want to do this and does it make you feel good? And maybe I used to think about captions but I never caption anything anymore—people complain about no captions. They complain about everything.

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