Jesse Stoked on his new Primitive skate deck with Enjoi my little pony griptape!

Takes me back in time, thinking about how stoked I was to get a new deck as well as griptape. Primitive skate deck Enjoi my little pony griptape.

Primitive skate deck Enjoi my little pony griptape


Primitive Skateboards newest pro

Even tho we’re just making the announcement, Rob is actually kind of an OG on the team because when we saw him and connected with him, Primitive was under a year old, it was just me, Nick, Carlos and Bastien. Just four pros and one flow kid. We took him under our wing to help him progress and evolve in to what we believed he would become, and when I watch Rob skate now it’s hard to believe. He’s been with us on so many trips and skated so many demos with us, I think kids see him as part of the team already anyway. When the people are demanding it, usually that’s when it’s time to make it official so here it is, Robert Neal: welcome to the team. Officially!” – Paul Rodriguez. Primitive skate deck Enjoi my little pony griptape.

Enjoi Skateboardsenjoi skateboards panda logo

enjoi. It all starts with a lower case e. au weee!! then it ends with an i. oh my. is it french? is it munchkin land?  no way silly, it’s just upper case fun, mixed with lower case just because!! why not enjoi with a y? easy, because you can see more with one eye! our colors are orange and yellow like the sun, and you know that means nothing less than fun, fun, fun!!! our team is from near and far……….. but you would recognize all them from the same goons sitting at the bar!

just kidding… kinda

we skate, we party, we live life to have fun.

Primitive skate deck Enjoi my little pony griptape




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