“Screaming Hand”

Jim Phillips’ “Screaming Hand”  graphic have begun to pour in far and wide in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Santa Cruz Skateboards the original adopters of the logo. Recently teamed up with Marvel to release a collection of decks, and now the illustration has been immortalized by Kidrobot. A limited edition vinyl figure as well as keychain. The vinyl stands 9″ tall, while the zipper-pull keychain is a much smaller representation of the “Screaming Hand,”.

Limited Release!

Limited Release!

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips is an icon to both the skating and artistic communities. Known best for his creation of the Screaming Hand. Cubico Labs interviewed Phillips at his home studio in Santa Cruz, California. And learned about the motivations he had behind his various artworks.  Including the iconic Screaming Hand, and how he thinks the Screaming Hand will continue to impact both the artist and skating community as it has for the past 30 years.

I’m often asked where I got the idea for the Screaming Hand. like I had a store where I could get images. Sometimes an idea just pops in my mind.  I’ve trained myself to be receptive. Screaming Hand dates back to high school where I liked to spend my time drawing epic surfing as well as skateboard pictures. I would draw a big wave and a goofy surfer with sight gags like circling shark fins. I drew the clenched hand on my book covers and notepads. Fast forward, and NHS is forming a wheel line and asked for a logo for Speed Wheels. As I sat at my drawing table and clenched my left hand, I penciled a sketch, thinking about how powerful the hand is.

However then I thought about it being even more expressive if it had a mouth, and how much more if it was screaming!. I got pretty worked up and knew my drawing would make a cool logo, though it took some time to talk the manager into it. We made stickers and T-shirts, and soon the Screaming Hand proved itself as a powerful icon that certainly earned in its own way. —Jim Phillips

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