NC has the Bay area best selection come on in and check it out!

Looking for a Longboard or a skateboard, NC carries longboards from Landyatcht, sector 9, loaded, Santa Cruz and more.

Come on in and check out our hardgoods room!

Come on in and check out our hardgoods room!

Looking for a Longboard or a skateboard. NC can help with that, skateboard Companies come and go out of fashion every year. We stay on top of the best price and quality for your money.  To insure you purchase will be the best. Staying on top of the latest trends is our job. We do all the research for you so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Longboard VS skateboard

Skateboarding and longboarding may seem quite similar to the untrained eye but there are a number of major differences, that should be considered before you decide which type of board you may want to buy.

Size: Longboards are usually 35-60 inches long with a width of 9-10 inches. This compares to skateboards which are usually 28-34 inches long and have a width of 7-10 inches. The longer and wider board makes longboards easier to balance on, especially if you are just beginning to skate.

Shape: Skateboards are very distinct, curving upwards at both ends. This makes it much easier to perform tricks, such as ollies and kickflips. Longboards come in many different shapes, such as pintails, flat nose and boards shaped like a longer shortboard. Instead of curving at each end, longboards have 2 narrow strips at each end. This makes them easier to balance on and easier to cruise on.

On the bottom of the deck, a shortboards trucks are designed to handle grinding on curbs, benches and rails. The longboards trucks tend to be looser, ruling out many tricks but allowing for easier turning.

Wheels:  Longboards have bigger, softer wheels than shortboards. This is so they can go faster and absorb any sticks, pebbles or cracks that may get in the way. Shortboards smaller wheels are better at maintaining the same speed. The smaller wheels are easier to do tricks with although can easily be thrown off by any small obstacles.

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