Tanner Fox Limited Edition Pro Scooter Wheel

Lucky Tanner Fox signature wheel 110mm is the most anticipated wheel in the industry. Additonally this is a Limited edition so get yours while they last. The Lucky Evo Pro Scooter Deck currently now in stock. Lucky EVO starts with 6061 aircraft aluminum and build a lightweight hollow core wheel and Tanner approved graphics as well as his signature. Finishing the wheel up by laying down the best urethane in the industry with Lucky Rebound Technology. Tanner Fox Wheels come with press in Lucky Speedroll bearings to exact specs for a smooth roll.

whereas Continuing to innovate and improve our processes to get the best wheels possible for all surfaces and are focused on feel, performance, and durability.  LRT Lucky Rebound Technology is a combination of high-performance urethane. This new pouring process, and a proprietary curing method which gives these wheels a grippy, fast, and buttery roll. In addition Speedroll Bearings are yet included and installed!. Also check out Lucky Evo Pro Scooter Deck in stock now.

Evo Pro Scooter Deck.
Weight (per wheel) – .5lbs (0.22kg)

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Furthermore his decks start as a piece of extruded 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The next step includes CNC machined with fine tolerances to our specifications. Afterwards Robotic TIG welded with USA made welding rod and heated treated for optimal strength. All of our extrusions have flat sides and bottom rails, manufactured for ideal grab and grind ability. Over the years, Lucky has earned a reputation for their world-class decks, which outperform and outlast the competitors.

The TFOX™ Sig Scooter Deck 

As a result it is a very popular deck with more foot space and a great new head tube angle allowing faster whips and tricks. The design on the bottom of the deck was masterfully designed by the Northwest’s own Shogo Oto with inspiration and guidance from Tanners. With everyone working round the clock to get this deck perfect.

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