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Merge4 socks featuring Santa Cruz local legend Jimbo Phillips.

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Some say it was a balmy afternoon. It could’ve been a Tuesday if it wasn’t already the end of the week. However, it WAS September. An unassuming, ethically-themed skarfing establishment and seminal OG skateboard magazine writer/artist/musician/photographer, Mofo collided with Cindi Ferreira Busenhart— long-time, low-profile, NorCal action-sports’ MAVENtrepreneur. Discussion intermingled, thoughts about newer technologies, todays broader spectrum of visual presentation capabilities, day-dreams of vintage action images, graphics, art as well as athletes of many kinds. Than again the wheels of creativity begin to churn, as an idea began to take shape. Cindi got to thinking. One thought blended with another; Mo’s images, some more ideas, some technology, the jalapeños – BIFF-BANG-BOOM! she synthesizes a potent business concept swiftly into action. She enlists OG skateboard legend Keith Meek master artist pool ripper. AS well as incorporates hard-rockin Gigli Locatelli. Completing the quartet is 80s Professional skateboarding  Rob Roskopp, forming MERGE4 a sock company.

Merge4 socks featuring Santa Cruz local legend Jimbo Phillips

Jimbo Killer Graphics!

Jimbo Phillips

Not to mention defining an artist is a big no-no. Mentioning his distinguished pedigree, is almost just as bad. So, no defining and no name-dropping to be seen here. Don’t need to. Furthermore with highly recognizable work saturating the skate, surf and rock and roll worlds, Jimbo Phillips’ intense imagery, as well as wild graphical nature invade your eyeballs like a stampede of line-art. Hours and hours and hours can be taken absorbing his numerous pieces, and still new discoveries can be made, hidden amidst the delicately screaming lines, of leering-screaming-oozing monster-faces. Pin-Up babes, ‘sploding and yelling skulls, pizza-face slices, hot-rods, bulging-eyes, dripping brains, detailed gore-laden barfy-vomit, ass well as tongues for miles and more. All gushing from a creatively and horribly depraved imagination. Gotta love Jimbo’s art! The planet needs it.

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