In Stock now NBA Golden State Warriors Stance Socks featuring Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Rock the socks and support the Warriors to another Championship Season!

NBA On Court collection packs a serious punch. As the official NBA on-court socks, they indeed deliver unrivaled performance. Offering strategic cushioning in the forefoot, toes, heel, ankle, as well as around the fifth metatarsal where Jones fractures can occur. Nothing feels better than sinking a three-point shot, except for the Fusion Basketball Collection. This collection additionally features ultra-high loft cushioning to protect your ankles from wear and tear. Extra dense cushioning helps protect your feet from the forces of high-performance play.

nba curry thompson green durant socks

Go Warriors!

Stance has turned socks into one of the world’s most exciting accessories in less than five years. Our founders saw a category that had been ignored, taken for granted, looked over, and dismissed. Creating life into something that had been overlooked. We ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn athletes, performers, and iconic cultural influencers to the brand a group we call the Punks & Poets. By underpinning our creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, we’ve ensured that Stance socks are now found in over 40 countries.


We live at the intersection of art and science, designing products that perform at the highest level while inspiring the human spirit.


We’re defining the future of knitwear, and have an unbridled passion for perfection. We start with the best, and if that’s not good enough, we develop our own proprietary fibers.

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