California largest longboard shop decks, wheels, trucks, completes Interesting facts

NC BOARDSHOP is the bay area longboard shop we carry a large selection of decks, wheels, trucks as well as completes. This weeks feature boards from Original skateboards Apex 37, Baffle 37 as well as Arbiter 36. California largest longboard shop decks, wheels, trucks, completes Interesting facts

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Original skateboards new series longboard decks

NC BOARDSHOP is your south bay skateboarding as well as longboard shop. NC  Boardshop  carries wheels trucks, decks, completes, bearing, safety gear and also more…

When it comes to longboards as well as longboard performance, you get out what you put in. At Original Skateboards we are serious about longboarding, as well as our longboards. Each of our boards is perfectly engineered for todays longboarding. additionally we also make sure that each of our customers ends up with the longboard that is perfect for their specific style of riding.

Longboard History and Interesting Facts

Long before Tony Hawk or Christian Hosoi began carving up half pipes, there were longboards. Longboarding originated in Hawaii in the 1950s, where surfers customized their skateboards. Furthemore giving them longer decks as well as larger wheels to mimic the rolling motion of waves. This enabled surfers to take to the streets on days when the ocean was too choppy or flat. Hence the reason longboarding is also referred to as “sidewalk surfing.”

Longboarding Through the Years

longboards on wall

Image source: Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

Additionally Longboards were first made commercially available in 1958. Making their way to the mainland. Where they gained popularity in California in the 1970s. In 1972, Frank Nasworthy introduced polyurethane wheels. Which provided better grip as well as made it possible for longboarders and also skateboarders alike to skate faster and with greater control. Around this time, the iconic Zephyr Competition Team, also known as the Z-Boys, was formed. Revolutionized the art of skateboarding with their signature surf style.

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