Nc Boardshop has a great selection of Old School decks.

Nc Boardshop has a great selection of Old School decks, come on in and check out our new arrivals from Vision, Santa cruz, Powell Peralta and more. As well as our selection of trucks and wheels. Nc Boardshop Old School decks Vision, Santa cruz, Powell Peralta.

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New old School Decks in stock now Nc Boardshop Old School decks Vision, Santa cruz, Powell Peralta

Choosing a style of skateboard deck

Moreover if you’re just getting into skateboarding, it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different styles of boards that skateboarders use. Skateboards come in four basic shapes. Each style of deck is designed for certain kinds of skateboarding, so the board shape you choose should match the style you want to skate. From there, you can build a custom complete using components that match your skateboard deck and skating style.

Also Shortboards are the shortest style board and are designed and shaped for getting air and performing tricks. If you’re leaning towards street or park skating, a shortboard style deck will be a perfect match for you.

Cruiser boards often have kicktails, but are more designed for simply cruising around. The decks are typically mid-length. Cruisers are versatile and maneuverable, making them good for cruising the streets.

Old School
Old school boards typically have a flat nose and kicktails. They are usually asymmetrical, with a wider nose. Old school boards are an awesome choice for skating pools, ramps, or carving the streets.

Furthermore if you’re not interested in doing tricks and want a skateboard to push around on for transportation, longboard skateboards, or cruisers, are a great option. Also some longboards are specifically designed for downhill racing. Downhill longboards tend to have a symmetrical shape, sit lower to the ground, as well as wheel cutouts, which allow larger wheels to be used.

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