NC Team Rider Alex Moran having fun!

NC Team Rider Alex Moran having fun!. Alex has been killing it lately we are looking forward to seeing more of him. Just added to the team we are stocked to have him on our team.

NC Boardshop Team Rider’s

Threw out the years NC has had one of the strongest teams in the industry Featuring top Pro’s Like Marc Johnson, Paul Sharpe, Gershon Mosley, Jerry Hsu, louie Barletta, Jose Rojo, Johhny Pryor and many more incredible riders. In the early 90’s NC released the Montage Video featuring our Team riders. This Video was well received in the skateboarding community and is now recognized as a cult video. You can Google this video and find clips on line and view a bet of the past history of the Explosion of the San Jose skate scene NC Boardshop was part of.

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