Pro and Kids Scooters

With NC Top 5 Pro Scooters Complete Envy, Lucky, Madd Gear we can help you decide which scooter is right for you.

Deciding which scooter to buy. Two easy Question.

In our experience, there are just two main questions, which will determine the type of scooter best suited to your child.  With NC Top 5 Pro Scooters Complete Envy, Lucky, Madd Gear we can help you decide.

  1. How old are they?
  2. Are the serious about scooting? By serious we mean that they want to learn tricks and use skate parks.

Pricing on complete Scooters Starting at $99 up to $300. Let us help you decide which Complete Scooter fits your needs just answer the 2 question above. Than decide what is your budget. NC can walk you threw the variety of prices, and answer your entire question. Our top 5 picks make it even easer. Basing our top 5 picks on Quality and price, NC Top 5 Pro Scooters Complete Envy, Lucky, Madd Gear

IMAGE NC Top 5 Pro Scooters Complete Envy, Lucky and Madd Gear

NC carries a large stock of Scooters starting at $99


NC Top 5 Pro Scooters Picks Envy, Lucky and Madd Gear.

  1. Madd Gear Kick X’treme MSRP $99
  2. One Envy MSRP $129
  3. Envy Colt $159
  4. Envy prodigy $199
  5. Lucky EVO $269

What is a Pro scooter

Also known as stunt scooters or trick scooters, pro scooters are technically a special type of tw0 wheel scooter. They are generally built to a higher quality and are designed for stunt or trick riding. The main feature of a pro scooter is the wide “T-bar” handlebars. These give greater stability when riding on skatepark ramps, and allow the rider to perform various tricks and flips. If your kid is serious about scooting (or would like to be), or if they have a social group of friends who are “into” scooting, then almost certainly a pro scooter is what they need.


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