1. Selecting A Mini skateboard for the grom!

The New NC Boardshop Mini Complete Skateboard is great for the Grom’s, This Complete features top of the line quality components, this is not your big box store cheap toy. We developed this board to allow the beginner or advanced rider the ultimate in performance we have set this board to specifically preform for a light Individual.


New Kids Complete Skateboard!

2. What is the definition of a mini?

  • Mini skate decks are usually shorter than the standard skate deck size, which is usually in the range of 30 to 32 inches. The decks have various shapes, some even replicating kick flip decks with symmetrical kick tails at both ends. Others are replicas of early designs that were being skated before the kick flip deck existed.

    3. Components and Complete Setups

  • Trucks with shortened lengths fit these small boards to imitate the original feel of a true, classic, mini skateboard. There are certain mini decks on the market that will not be compatible with the larger and softer longboarding wheels. Adding riser pads to the trucks will remove wheel bite, opening up the possibility to add virtually any size wheel to a mini skateboard setup. Simplicity is the key to shortboards; however, skaters have experimented with the decks several times over. Adding longboard trucks and changing bushing combinations can totally change the feel and ride of a mini skateboard setup. Come in and check out the NC Boardshop Mini Complete Skateboard.

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