New Arrival NC Dharma Beanie Stickers. 

NC Dharma beanie comes in two classic colors black and grey. We used the Dharma logo keeping this beanie true to NC low-key standards. Our Beanie is made to with stand time, machine washable and dryer safe. We also decided to brighten things up a bit with the new Dharma stickers colors. Dharma Sticker is available in 6 new colors black, red, pink, neon green, neon orange and white. They also come in 3 sizes small, medium and large. Perfect sizes for your cell phone car or board. New Arrival NC Dharma Beanie Stickers.

New Arrival NC Dharma Beanie Stickers

New Arrival NC Dharma Beanie and Stickers.

Dharma beanie is perfect for those cold days. Whether you surf, skate or snowboard this beanie will keep your melon warm and stylish. Offering this beanie in Black and grey means it will go with any outfit you have.

Interesting Fact.

The yellow hats (bejaunus, meaning “yellowbill”, later beanus, a term used for both the hats and the new students) evolved into the college beanies of later years. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the etymology is uncertain, but probably derives from the slang term “bean”, meaning “head”


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