How to setup a Old School Deck

Just in the, New Arrival of Old School Decks

  • Jason Jessee Neon Burst
  • Hosoi Candy Mint
  • Jeff Grosso Toy Box Candy Orange
  • Slasher Neon

In addition to are Large selection of Skateboards, trucks, wheels and accessories. NC we can show you all your option when setting up a old scholl deck what wheels, trucks, cell blocks, rails, hardware everything you need to insure the perfect ride. New Arrival of Old School Decks. We have a great selection of Trucks, Wheels, rails and other accessories. Whether you just want to try an old school setup are looking to recreate you setup from back in the day we got you covered. Also don’t forget to check out our personal collection of old school decks on display, if you have been skating a long time this collection is sure to bring back great memories from back in the days.


we have a great selection of Old School Decks!

What is a Old school deck?

Old School Skateboard Decks are among the most versatile and interesting decks in the world. It was during the 80s that old skateboard decks began to take on a new role as not only an item to ride but a work of art. The skateboard deck was considered a canvas to communicate the culture of skating.

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