Our shop team has been really blowing it lately. We’re about to give a bunch of dudes the boot and we’re looking for some fresh new recruits to put on the team. Send your footage or links to your videos to
ncboardshop@gmail.com . We will pick our favorite videos and post them on the site to see what kind of feedback we get from our viewers. You have until July 31st to submit your footage, so hit the streets and start filming! Kids, please don’t end up like these guys…..

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  1. Yikes!! Is Eric bleeding from the chin??

  2. What kind of sponsorship are we looking at here, will i just be the ATM and have no in put, or would have some creative licence? Just wondering what a sponsersphip would intail. You would think John might give me a hint, but guess not. 10k or is it a lot more…