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Welcome to NC Boardshop! We are the South Bay's original supplier of all things skate, and surf. With a history of over 30 years, we carry the largest inventory of skateboarding, surfing, and scooter equipment. Alongside these, we also carry all the best brands and clothes available so you can represent your own style however you see fit. Browse our vast inventory online or visit our Los Gatos store today!

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It doesn't matter what you're into or what level you're at - we've got something for everyone. Whether you're just a beginner or you're a highly experienced professional, we're committed to working with you to help you find everything you need at a price that makes sense for you. Every member of our expert team is and avid skater, or surfer themselves, and we share your same passion for the sport. No matter what your level of experience, we'll help you find the perfect, wheel, deck, truck, board, or anything else you need. With the largest inventory in the bay area, you'll never leave our shop unsatisfied!

Furthermore, we keep you up to date by on the latest news to hit the bay area’s skating scene by showcasing some of the awesome new products we have in store! Feel free to check out our most recent post below or check out some of our older posts in the past.


skateboarding OJ Wheels 

For Speed and Bioness, OJ makes high-quality urethane & wheels for skateboarding. Creators of Hot Juice, KeyFrames, and InsaneAthane. Blaze all terrains on OJ Wheels. skateboarding OJ Wheels hot juice keyframes insaneathane

skateboarding OJ Wheels hot juice keyframes insaneathane

We have the bay areas largest selection of Skateboard as well as longboard wheels!

The durometer of a wheel is the measurement of its hardness, or resistance to penetration. Durometer ratings fall within several categories, with skate wheels listed in the “A” field along with other soft plastics. Therefore, the durometer measurement you’ll find on your wheels will read “90A” or “75A”, with higher ratings equating to harder wheels. Here are some suggestions for wheel hardness based on your type of riding.


If you ride vert: You’ll find that most vert surfaces are designed for harder wheels. Therefore they are smooth to combat the lack of vibration dampening and somewhat grippy to make the slick wheels easier to control. Go with a set of wheels at the higher end of the durometer scale think 97A or above.
If you ride street Skaters who enjoy the technical side of the sport need a wheel that will add pop and road feel to their set-up. Hard wheels 97A and higher are best for all of you park riders.

All around Rider

If you are an all-around rider.  If you rarely go anywhere without your skate, you may fall into this category. All-around skaters like to cruise around town, but can also drop in on a pool any day of the week. You’ll need to compromise a little, so go for a medium-hard wheel, somewhere between 90A and 97A. skateboarding OJ Wheels hot juice keyframes insaneathane

If you cruise/longboard: Pavement tends to be bumpy and cracked, so a set of wheels that will ease the rattle of the road will make your board feel as well as perform much better. Soft wheels are designed for just this purpose. With durometer ratings of 75A through 85A, 78A is pretty standard, cruzing wheels help dampen the vibrations.

Bottom Line

Bottom line, there is a significant range of durometers, so be careful to choose a wheel with a hardness that compliments the type of riding you prefer. Harder wheels, typically defined as those with a durometer of 90A or above, are designed for technical skating. Powerslides, ollies as well as other tricks are easier with hard wheels. So street and vert skaters tend to prefer these. Unfortunately, hard wheels don’t dampen the vibrations caused by rough roads, so if you enjoy cruising more than tricks you may want to opt for a softer durometer. Softer wheels are slower and wear out faster, but they make riding on bumpy surfaces more comfortable and fun. skateboarding OJ Wheels hot juice keyframes insaneathane


carver surf your skate

THE ORIGINAL SURFSKATE SINCE 1996 Carver 2018 Complete Skateboard NC Boardsdhop.

Carver 2018 Complete Skateboard NC Boardsdhop

In addition to Carver boards we also carry Sector, Santa Cruz As well as Loaded and more.

Carver 2018 Complete Skateboard NC Boardsdhop

32.25 Bell Air

Based on the 1950’s era hot rod model, the wider 8 7/8″ template recalls the archetype of pool board mixed with a street board.


The mid-sized retro template provides plenty of platform for stable carving and a wider stance. Perfect for cruising and pushing, with timeless art by Matt Beard.

30.25″ FIREFLY

Updated for 2018 with a slightly wider nose for better front foot control. This is a shorter version of our Resin, making this model a little snappier as well as easier to pump.


In addition Our long-running favorite surfskate has stayed the same for years. It’s plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap and pump with ease.


New Old School decks From Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa cruz Skateboards Old School decks Johnson Beach wolf Remillard Cave Babe Winkowski Dope Planet Nc Boardshop.

Santa cruz Skateboards Old School decks Johnson Beach wolf Remillard Cave Babe Winkowski Dope Planet Nc Boardshop

Santa cruz Skateboards Old School decks Johnson Beach wolf Remillard Cave Babe Winkowski Dope Planet Nc Boardshop.

New Decks from Santa Cruz and Creature.

Additional look for the old school Jesse Mermaid as well as Winkoski Primeval and Guzman Dining with the Dead. Also New from Santa Cruz the Acid Everslicks,Pastel Screaming Hand as well as New Decks from Creature by Mike Giant.

Fall 2018 Reissue

Also coming this August from Santa Cruz Hosoi Rocket air, Jesse sun god, Rrobskopp face as well as the Salba Tiger. You can always count on NC to have the latest and greatest Skateboard gear.

Christian Hosoi.

Hosoi started skating at seven or eight years old with veterans such as Shogo KuboTony AlvaStacy Peralta, and Jay Adams as his idols. His father, Ivan “Pops” Hosoi became the manager of the Marina Del Rey Skatepark, and Christian quit school and spent his time there where he quickly developed his emerging talent. In 1979, as an amateur, Hosoi was sponsored by Powell. He left Powell Peralta a year later when they wouldn’t allow him to turn professional and joined Dogtown Skateboards. After Dogtown went out of business shortly thereafter, he turned pro at the age of 14 with Sims Skateboards.

Santa cruz Skateboards Old School decks Johnson Beach wolf Remillard Cave Babe Winkowski Dope Planet Nc Boardshop


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