Pro Stunt Scooter NC Boardshop Sales service Parts ENVY LUCKY PROTO ODI

SF Bay Area most complete kids push freestyle, trick, Pro Stunt Scooter store NC Boardshop offers Sales,service and Parts from ENVY,MGP,DISTRICT,LUCKY,PROTO,ODI as well as more. Completes, headsets, Decks, Forks, Wheels, Bars we got it all. Just in  New Stock of ENVY Complete KING OF SPADES.

Pro Stunt Scooter NC Boardshop Sales service Parts ENVY LUCKY PROTO ODI

ENVY complete pro stunt scooter king of spades we have a great selection of scooters

NC Boardshop has the largest selection in California of pro scooters as well as parts. Additionally we also service most brands of scooters.

The PROTO Gripper was the world’s first freestyle scooter wheel. As well as the first product officially released under the PROTO brand in 2008. The success of the PROTO Gripper has earned it the reputation as the pinnacle of high performance freestyle scooter wheels. Furthermore¬†was the springboard for everything that followed. The original Full Core release was followed shortly after with our iconic 5-Spoke PROTO Logo core which are unmistakable when you see them. Grippers are fast, smooth as well as unmatched traction on all terrains and are undeniably the best.

PROTO Sliders share the same core styles as the Grippers but the Urethane formula is harder creating an even stronger and longer lasting wheel. They are not as fast as Grippers but they are more tear resistant for technical riding involving power slides, “sliders” and anything that requires more balance and response.

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