Rainbow Sandals

Additionally Rainbow Sandals are availiable in Mens, womens as well as youth sizes.


We have a great selection of Sandals from Rainbow, Reef and Olukai!

In fact We have a great selection of Sandals from Rainbow. In addition we also carry Reef as weel as Olukai!

To begin with Rainbow Sandals are created by hand, using specially formulated glue to keep the layers together as well as the straps in place. As a result Sparky personally formulated various densities of sponge rubber with “memory” to mold to individuals’ feet. Furthermore the reputation of making quality and comfortable sandals being passed from customer to customer is how Rainbow has grown.


I was never one to wear flip flops as a kid.  I mean common they look so uncomfortable.  Who wants to have something stuck between your big toe and second toe the whole day.  It just seemed illogical.  For that fact, that’s why I wore sandals most of the time.

Growing up however, the fashion sense inside of me told me to re-evaluate flip flops and eventually I picked up some basic ones from American Eagle for a beach trip.   I still thought they were a bit uncomfortable but figured that was just how it was – life of a fashionista hah.


My eyes weren’t open until my good buddy Jia told me about this brand of flip flops called Rainbow Sandals .  At first I kind of laughed that off.  Seriously who would brand their flip flops Rainbow.  1)  A macho man like me would never want to wear anything rainbow looking on my feet.  2)  I have never heard of this brand.  So as my friend explains it, with him doing law school @ Columbia, all of his Cali friends raved about these flip flops and swore by them as the only ones they’d ever buy and wear.

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