Real Beat Pro Skateboarder Jose Rojo NC rider Enjoi

If you thought the X Games were pretty beat, wait until you see Jose’s real beat video part. Shit is straight beat! Real Beat Pro Skateboarder Jose Rojo NC rider Enjoi

Hi, Jose. You ready?

Here we go. So, rumor on the street is that you have been murdering shit. Why? Something special happening?
No. Skateboarding has just been really fun lately. And I’ve just been feeling good on my board. You know how shit is in skateboarding, people talk.

Is there a big Joe Red pro model in the works? Has the enjoi brand manager finally gave you the green light?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see I have my fingers crossed, that’s for sure.

So, lets backtrack a bit. You are from the Southside of the best place in the world, San Jose. When did you first pick up a skateboard?

Well, I was pretty much surrounded by it my whole life. All my cousins at the time skated and that’s all I wanted to do also. That was when I was about nine, but I really didn’t get into it till about fifteen years old.

And I believe that’s when we first met… Do you remember telling me about the first time you were about to blaze a girl when you were fifteen? Haha!
Haha!! I kinda do?

So, when you first started to get really into skating, were you really serious about it, or was it just something that kids do when they are growing up?

Well, I actually thought it was going to be one of those things that I’d be into for a short while. All of my friends at the time were into it for a bit, then stopped. I felt my self progressing and learning new tricks also that drove me to keep skating. Thank god! I’d hate to see what I’d be doing without skating.

When you were fifteen, the kids you skated with were some of San Jose’s finest, like Ricky Espinoza and Chris “Fatty Fatbody” Black… Did that help you progress being around such talented little shits?

Yeah! I was hyped that I found dudes to skate with that loved skateboarding as much as I did. Ricky as well as Fatty were doing the sickest tricks at the time!!. It was a great way to go out and just skate all day everyday.

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