Santa Cruz Surfboard Pumkin Seed

The Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed is the Swiss army knife of surfboards. It blends design elements of a fish with the performance characteristics of a pin tail resulting in maximum versatility. From small, gutless surf to high speed tube riding, this board can handle it all. The wide contemporary nose and relaxed rocker make this board paddle fast and accelerate out of the hole like a jack rabbit on roids. The single to double concave bottom and dynamic rail profile further complement the rail to rail performance and versatility. Essential for any quiver. Team tested and approved. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a broad range of rider weights and abilities.


Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed review

When we stumbled across the Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed, an all round fun board, made out of a similar material to other epoxy, it took us several months to realize just what a awesome board it is. We’ve actually found that it’s by far the best all round board we’ve ever had: great for making the transition from longboards to shortboards; it goes fast in small surf when other boards stop; it feels solid in big surf when other boards skid out and while the epoxy is not as smooth to ride as tradition PU boards, the difference in performance is only going to effect a tiny minority of elite surfers.

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