Proto Scooters Parts Service SCS Handle Bars Wheels

PROTO Sliders share the same core styles as the Grippers but the Urethane formula is harder creating an even stronger as well as longer lasting wheel. However they are not as fast as Grippers but they are more tear resistant. For technical riding involving power slides.  Anything that requires more balance as well as respons. Proto Scooters Parts Service SCS Handle Bars Wheels . Customers can purchase this wheels at NC Boardshop In Los gatos Ca.

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NC Boardshop caaries the full line of Proto Scooters. Proto Scooters Parts Service SCS Handle Bars Wheels.

The PROTO Gripper was the world’s first freestyle scooter wheel as well as the first product officially released under the PROTO brand in 2008. The success of the PROTO Gripper has earned it the reputation as the pinnacle of high performance freestyle scooter wheels. The original Full Core release was followed shortly after with our iconic 5-Spoke PROTO Logo core. Grippers are fast, smooth as well as have unmatched traction on all terrains and are also undeniably the best.

Jake Sorensen "Slumped" Signature GripperPROTO Zack Martin Signature - Wasted GrippersPROTO GrippersPROTO Full Core GrippersPROTO-FadedSeries-BluePROTO-FadedSeries-Orange


8 years after inventing the worlds first as well as best Standard Compression System (SCS). PROTO employees are proud to introduce the next generation of SCS. Furthermore the Sentinel SCS is the most technically advanced Standard Compression System ever created. Furthermore coming in at 3.5″ tall, it offers a full 2″ of handlebar support to accommodate the taller bars. Which are becoming more prominent which is over 30% more support than a 3″ SCS. Additionally it also features larger 8mm bolts with 6mm allen drives as well as an offset slot providing 25% more threads for the new larger hardware. Allowing for increased torque as well as decreased chance of stripping giving it the ability to stay tighter as well as longer. To top it off, despite being half an inch taller, increased weight was not an issue with its tapered top as well as base and two cutouts. There is also a brand-new feature called the Spreader-Bolt which can be used opposite of the 4 main clamp bolts to open the clamp for easy installation as well as removal. Furthermore eliminating the need for the “penny trick”. Customers can purchase Proto SCS system at NC Boardshop In the Bay Area south bay.
PROTO was the first company to release a threadless fork. As well as threadless headset as well as develop “Y” shaped handle bars. The PROTO Full Knuckle SCS™ is the original as well as first Standard Compression System. Furthermore this fundamentally changed the way a freestyle scooter was built and effectively revolutionized the freestyle scooter after market parts industry. The Full Knuckle SCS is still the strongest as well as most universally compatible SCS ever created.
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Full SCSFull SCS