Skateboard Mob Griptape Iron Maiden Slayer.

Come on in and check out the newest skateboard Mob Griptape with Iron Maiden as well as  Slayer!. NC has a giant stock of skateboard as well as longboard shapes and graphics, wheels, bearings and much more. When it comes to skateboarding we got it all! skateboard Mob Griptape Iron Maiden Slayer.

Iron Maiden Rules! skateboard Mob Griptape Iron Maiden Slayer

What is edging your griptape

Get your screwdriver and, using the round metal shaft of the screwdriver, rub down the edges of the skate deck as shown in the picture. You want to rub the edges very hard, also at an angle. The grain of the grip tape is worn off and the grip tape is white along the edges.

Once these edges have been worn down, try holding the outside leftover edge of the grip tape and bend it up and down. We are trying to make that line that you just rubbed in even weaker so that it will cut easily and straight. Bend the grip tape some more, and if it doesn’t feel weak, rub it more with the screwdriver.

Next, use your razor blade or box cutter to cut along the white edge that you just wore into the grip tape. Make your cuts long and smooth, and the edges won’t look choppy. This is harder to do with a regular knife.

Once all of the extra grip tape has been cut off, you may want to rub down the edges more with the screwdriver. Also depending on how well you did it before. Keep trimming these edges until you like them.

Another option that I’ve used is to next take your deck out to a curb and rub the edges on the concrete. This will sand down any badly cut grip tape edges. As well as make the transition from grip tape to skate deck smoother.

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