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NC SKATEBOARD DECKS AVAILABLE IN 6 SIZES. 7.75″, 8.00″, 8.25″, 8.38″, 8.50″ AS WELL AS A MINI 7.25″.


Skateboard Decks 

NC hass California’s best selection of Skateboards, Old school decks as well as Longboards. Additionally our parts department takes pride in offering the largest selection of trucks, wheels, bearings as well as protective gear. We stay on top of the latest product. Carring top skateboards from Santa Cruz, Creature, Powell, Chocolatwe, Girl, Real, Almost,Birdhouse, Welcome, Anti Hero as well as more .

Old School Decks

In Addition we stock all your favorite OLD SCOOL DECKS. Old School decks from Santa Cruz, Santa Monica Airlines, Vision, Powell Peralta as well as more. It all about Old School Re issue Decks and we are on top of it. Check out our latest selection including pro riders Tim Thiebaud, Natas, Jason Jessee, Rob Roskopp, Steve Caballero, as well as Christian Hosoi the list goes on and on. Additionally NC stocks Trucks old school wheels as well as rails.


Furthemore we offer Californias best selection of Longboards. Top brands from Land Lachtz, Sector Nine, Santa Cruz, Arbor, Loaded, Carver as well as more. We stock a selection of Longboard trucks as well as wheels. Wheels from Orangatang, Stimulus, Durian, Hawgs, Zombie, Butterball as well as more.

Trucks Wheels bearings Griptape as well as Accessories

Stocking the best selection of trucks From Indy, Venture, Thunder, Royal Krux as well as other brands in all sizes. Wheels from Spitfire, Formula fours, Bones STF ,Spf as well as others. Old School wheels from Slimballs oj11 the classic Hosoi Rockets Bones Caballero as well as more. Bearings From Bones Mini Logo, Reds, Swiss, Ceramic, Bronsons as well as NC ABEC 9 Bearings. We carry griptape from MoB Grip, M80, Shake Junt, Jessup as well as old scholl widths. We have everything to rebuild your trucks bushing king pins washers king pin nuts as well as cell blocks and also mounting hardwear.

Your Los Gatos, CA Skateboarding Experts

At NC Boardshop, we bring together the best skateboards, longboards as well as gear the industry has to offer. In addition our knowledgeable, passionate team to help you find a board that’s the perfect match. The skateboarding world first noticed NC Boardshop when we created as well as produced our first video “Montage”. Featuring the talents of Marc Johnson, Jerry Hsu, Gershon Mosley, Paul Sharpe, Poncho Moler, and Shawn Mandoli, and we’re humbled by how things have taken off since then. We’re proud to have served as the San Jose and South Bay Area’s premier skate shop since 1986, and with more than 30 years of experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best board to fit your unique style. SKATEBOARD SHOP LONGBOARDS

The Best Gear and skate Boards in San Jose, CA

Today, NC Boardshop carries a huge selection of complete skateboards and skate supplies including decks, trucks, wheels, longboards, old school skateboards, and so much more. With an inventory that places the biggest brands in the industry next to the hottest boutique gear shops, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Just drop by our store for expert guidance on our extensive selection of all the major industry brands, including:

Enjoi skateboards Indy skateboard trucks Baker skateboards Creature skate decks Santa Cruz old school skateboards and longboard skateboards Thunder skateboard trucks
Anti-hero skateboards for sale at NC Boardshop Alien Workshop skateboard decks Buy Blind skateboard decks at NC Boardshop
Spitfire skateboard wheels   Black Panther skateboarding hardware Penny old school skateboards

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Have more questions about what you’re looking for? We’re always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us by phone at (408) 358-6070, browse our selection of snow and surf gear, or come visit our Los Gatos, CA store. And remember – while our expert team members love to give guidance on selecting the right board and gear, we will never, ever pressure you into buying anything just because you came by the shop. At NC Boardshop, we want you to have a relaxed, fun experience every time – whether you’re ready to buy or not.