Skateboard wheels 75mm X 58mm 83A $29.99 58mm X 43mm 78A $24.99

Come on in and check out NC Boardshops new Skateboard wheels we offer them in two colors, white as well as black. Avaliable in two sizes or ultimate longboard cruzin wheel is a 75mm X 58mm high rebound 83A and are also only $29.99 a set!. Our smaller cruzin wheel is 58mm X 43mm high rebound 78A and are also only $24.99 for the set. These are top quality urethane wheels with excellent performance as well as a smokkin deal!. Skateboard wheels 75mm X 58mm 83A $29.99 58mm X 43mm 78A $24.99

Skateboard wheels 75mm X 58mm 83A $29.99 58mm X 43mm 78A $24.99

Quality skateboard wheels for cheap!

SKate wheels hardness

The second, but no less important option in wheel is hardness. All wheels are on a scale, with 101 being the hardest widely available, so anything around 78 being the softest. The lower the number, the softer the wheels. Easy. But how hard should you get?

The most popular skateboards wheels are hard ones – and they’re the kind you’ll see most skateboarders riding, whether that’s in your local town and skateparks, or on videos on the internet.

“On the whole, 80% of the wheels we sell at Note are very hard and quite small.” agrees Dan. “The reason people like harder wheels is that you want a certain amount of slide. When you’re doing tricks, you’ll want your board to be able to slide around a bit.”

So, if harder wheels are better for flips and tricks, if you’ve been following so far, you’ll see the pattern that’s emerging when it comes to larger things.

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