Brian Anderson Anti Hero deck

This deck is a perfect  to couple with the nike sb pigeons if you can find them.


Brian Anderson Anti Hero deck brian_anderson_anti-hero_skateboard_deck_pro-skateboarder_gay

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Brian Anderson Anti Hero deck

Currently we stock the Bay Areas best Selection of Skateboards as well as Skateboard accessories including the Brian Anderson Anti Hero deck and more.

Anti Hero

Is a board company that was founded by professional skateboarder Julien Stranger in 1995. Following a proposition from Thiebaud. Who is reported by Jake Phelps, editor-in-chief of Thrasher Magazine to have offered Stranger the opportunity. Consequently during a period of time when both Stranger and Phelps perceived perceived skateboarding as “stale”. Stranger has explained the original concept that underpinned AntiHero in the following manner: “Oh, there’s was no concept … well, maybe there was, I don’t know. Just kind of balance out the rest, or something, with what was going on with us.”Phelps has stated further to Stranger’s vague explanation.

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