SLOWTIDE Changing Ponchos Beach Travel Surf Towels Mens Womens KidsSLOWTIDE Changing Ponchos Beach Travel Surf Towels Mens Womens Kids

Changing the game for the “game changers”, Joaquin Changing Poncho makes disrobing a magic trick. SLOWTIDE Changing Ponchos Beach Travel Surf Towels Mens Womens Kids
  • One size fits all.
  • Ultra soft and absorbent 100% winter-weight cotton terry.
  • Makes changing in and out of your wetsuit or swimwear easy, comfortable and warm.
  • Internal access dual pocket keeps your hands warm and makes changing a breeze.
  • Double layer camo hood.
  • Snap front placket with drawcords.
  • Easy change short sleeve design.

Slowtide products meet the strict guidelines set by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Made with care and certified for peace of mind.


Have you ever stood in a parking lot in the early morning, looked at your towel as well as asked yourself, “Really? I have to tie this thing around my waist and keep it secure while I yank awkwardly at soggy fist full of neoprene? Is this changing method mankind’s greatest failure? Is surfing even really worth it at this point?”

Yeah, I’ve never done that either. I’ve never really given the towel-change method a second thought, and changing ponchos always struck me as a five-star surf luxury, completely unnecessary and therefore silly to throw money at. And I wasn’t wrong. A changing poncho is absolutely not a surf necessity, but, with that said, it is about 10 times better changing in one compared to a towel.

No knot that occasionally comes loose, forcing you to blind innocent bystanders with your never-before-sunned backside. No moistening your sweatshirt as you pull the legs up first, waiting until the last possible moment to fully disrobe on cold winter mornings. Just a perfect, armless chunk of soft, absorbent cloth, giving you an unconditional warm embrace until you’re fully suited.

Furthermore Doesn’t that sound nice? It is, which is why, as unnecessary as changing ponchos are, I cannot recommend them enough. The one I’m currently using, made by Slowtide, retails for about $70. SLOWTIDE Changing Ponchos Beach Travel Surf Towels Mens Womens Kids

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