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At NC Boardshop, our passion is to help you live your passion to the fullest. We’re proud to carry a diverse inventory of some of the best skateboards, snowboards, and surfboards in the world, and our team of boardsport experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect gear to suit your riding style and preferences. We strive to keep our inventory stocked with cutting-edge and historical brands, and one of the best – and most influential – is Lib Tech.

A Revolutionary Change in Snowboarding

Back in the old days, snowboarding was basically an outcropping of skiing – and as such, it borrowed many of the techniques, tools, and concepts that skiers used. This applied to everything from riding technique to snowboard making practices. In particular, most snowboard makers borrowed the same camber profiles used in the ski industry to make their boards. Lib Tech changed all of that – but first, we need to understand what camber is.

Every ski and snowboard, and any other board for that matter, has a “camber.” This is essentially the profile of the curve of the board that you see when you look at the board side-on. Traditionally, skis had a camber profile that curved up at the edges, dipped down just inside the edges, and followed a gentle rise in the middle. This creates two contact points just inside the edges, one on either end of the ski. Snowboards that follow this design are called “camber” boards.

While this camber profile worked well for skiers, the riders and engineers at Lib Tech were never quite satisfied with it – so they did something about it. In 2007, Lib Tech released the Skate Banana, a new kind of snowboard that flipped the traditional camber on its head. Instead of a normal camber, Lib Tech engineered a board that follows a smooth curve upwards towards the nose and tail, with the middle being the contact point of the board – such that when looked at edge-on, the board looks a little like a banana. This new “rocker” style board provided a smoother ride, more lift in powder, and was less likely to catch an edge, which made it great for freestyle riders. Lib Tech’s Skate Banana literally changed the way snowboards were made, and their continuous passion and pursuit of innovation in design makes them one of the most popular snowboard brands around today.

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Lib Tech reengineered the snowboard and reinvented the art of snowboard making – but to really find out what made their boards so great, you have to experience them. We’re proud to carry Lib Tech and other snowboards for rent, and if you’d like to try them out for yourself, we encourage you to give us a call at (408) 358-6070 or drop by our San Jose boardshop.