Pro-Tec Helmet Rental

Snowboard Helmet Rentals in San Jose, CA

At NC Boardshop, our mission is to help you make the most of your passion. We’re proud to carry some of the best snowboards, skateboards, surfboards, and scooters in the world, and we stock all the accessories you need to make your next day on the slopes, streets, or waves your best one yet. Before you hit snow for a day on your board, though, there’s one thing you need to make sure you’re equipped with – a helmet. Helmets are critical to safely enjoying any boardsport, and for snowboard helmets, Pro-Tec makes some of the best.

Pro-Tec Snowboard Helmets

Pro-Tec had over a 40-year history of excellence in helmets in protective wear, starting with their founding way back in 1973. In the early days of the company, they focused on snowboard helmets, creating fashion-forward designs with innovative engineering to provide maximum safety, comfort, and style. Today, Pro-Tec is continuing their legacy of innovation and reliability in everything BMX to snowboarding.

For the best combination of safety, comfort, and style, Pro-Tec is hard to beat. They’ve been creating world-class helmets for nearly half a century, and they build that heritage of expertise and quality into every product they make. A quality helmet is truly a must-have for a successful day on the slopes, as there’s just no way to predict if or when something will go wrong – so before you head out to hit the powder, be sure to pick up a Pro-Tec helmet from NC Boardshop.

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