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At NC Boardshop, we believe everyone deserves the quality gear excel at their sport. That’s why we carry a diverse inventory of boards, wetsuits to feed your love for the sport. Every member of our team is an experienced veteran of board sports. They share the same passion and love for surfing, skateboarding, that you do. We’re proud to carry a full line of boards from the world’s best brands, and Victoria Skimboards is no exception.

Victoria Skimboard Pioneers in Skimboarding


Hand built in the U.S.A for the past thirty eight years, the woody has stood the test of time. The ultimate board for learning the basics, the Woody will slide long distances along the shoreline while letting you bash small waves. The Russian birch core will take anything you throw at it, and the hand laid art guarantees each board to be one of a kind.



Victoria Skimboards Woody Model

Victoria Skimboards

Victoria Skimboards is one of the oldest brands in the skimboard business. Responsible for paving the way to some of the core innovations that changed and shaped the sport from its inception. Victoria started as two guys making skimboards in their apartment in 1975, and they grew their business organically after selling their first homemade batch at Hobie Sports.

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