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Don’t forget to Pick up some SURFACE Suncare Products next time you come in. We carry their full line of sun products so wether your surfing or hanging out in the sun we got you covered!

Protect your Skin from the Suns harmfull Rays!

Protect your Skin from the Suns harmfull Rays!


SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor”, what does this mean? This is the protection rating for UVB or the ultraviolet rays that burn the skin. The sun gives off two ultra violet rays UVB and UVA. UVA rays are the long wave rays that age the skin while the UVB rays are the short range waves that burn the skin. When you hear the term SPF (Sun Protection Factor) this is always referring to the UVB burn rate.


SPF Ratings are incremental. An SPF 30 is not double the UVB protection as a SPF 15. Most people think that the SPF Rating is the level of protection, it’s not. The SPF number is the time rating in the sun and not  the UVB protection level specifically. As the graph shows the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 50 is only 1% difference in UVB protection. In short the SPF rating gives a false sense of security if it’s not properly understood.

It is for this reason that Surface focuses on the use of the product more than a large variety of SPF ratings in our offering. We believe the environment for using sunscreen changes and your sunscreen needs to change with it.

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