Switch Biggies Joey Guevara

Joey has a mean switch bigspin and he shows you how to put it all together in the latest Ride Channel’s how to video. Switch Biggies Joey Guevara

You’ve had a bunch of parts out while you were filming for bunker_down [2015]. Do you enjoy working on more than one project at once?. Do you have a different mindset depending on what you are filming for or who you are filming with?. 

It depends. At the time I feel like I was ahead of everyone on footage because I was filming a part for Habitat. Miguel and I had gone on a mission to the East Coast over the summer. Then we did our first Alien trip to Detroit, Pittsburg as well as Toronto and I pretty much used all the footy for a welcome to Imperial Motion video. Everything ended up working out. Real stoked we got to choose our first trip to be Detroit.

Switch Biggies with Joey Guevara

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