Filmed and edited by Justin Albert. Additional filming by Miguel Valle. Featuring Jake Gascoyne, Julian Quevedo, Miguel Valle, Joey Guevara, Wayne Nguyen, Lui Elliot, Shaun Baptista, Jazz Leeb, Josh Romero, Daryl Angel, Jonathan Perez, Barney Page, Mark Suciu, Erik Deringer, Ben Raemers, as well as Brandon Nguyen.

Justin Albert

Justin Albert is a Cinematographer as well as Video Editor based in San Francisco, California.

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Joey Guevara

How did you come to ride for Atlas Skate Shop in San Francisco?

Pretty much, I was skating with Mark (Suciu) and Brandon a bunch and were friends with the owners of Atlas;  Ryen (Motzek) and Mike (Manidis). I really liked what they were doing at the time and they seemed to be putting out a lot of good web stuff but I was skating for my local shop, NC Boardshop. I had to break the ice and go with Atlas. Still love my dudes at NC though. They’ve been taking care of me since the beginning. It was tough.