Vans signature pro model of Geoff Rowley.

Vans Men’s Rowley signature pro model in Black as weel as red both colors in stock now . Off the wall Vans Men’s Rowley Solos Casual Shoes are the signature pro model of Geoff Rowley. If you look like a pro, you’ll skate like a pro. Also the UltraCush foam footbed is anatomically contoured to put the foot closer to the board for a quicker response and superior fit. Furthermore the footbed also gives you more impact cushioning for when you stomp those tricks.

We have a Great selection of Vans shoes

Finally back in stock. Great selection of Vans shoes

Geoff Rowley

Thrasher’s 2000 SOTY, Geoff Rowley, is one of the most influential skaters of all time for his contributions on and off the board. Geoff arrived from Liverpool & turned the skate world on its ass with an unbridled desire to progress skateboarding by going bigger than anyone had seen. When he 50-50’d the massive Staples Center Hubba in a pair of classic Vans Eras back in 1999. He single-handedly began a revolution to right the ship away from moon boots and back to the board feel that only vulcanized Vans skate shoes can give.



The Flip Miami trip with Arto, Appleyard, Skin and Fred Mortagne in 2001 was rad. We filmed so much of the “Sorry” video that week it was nuts! It was one of those trips where the skating took over the reigns! The latest Flip Feast Tour was also killer, probably the most fun trip to date — fingerboards, good spots, rad people, truck stop coffee and desert air.

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