Von Zipper Sunglasses Wildlife Plasma Chrome Polarized

When life gives you glare and haze, you fight back with a good pair of polarized shades. Lucky for you, VonZipper polarized sunglasses feature our patented WildLife Lens Technology. Stop on in and try apair of Von Zipper Sunglasses Wildlife Plasma Chrome Polarized

The WildLife Plasma Chrome Polarized+ Lens…

• Blocks 99.9% of harmful HEV “blue light” rays.
• Cuts out glare & haze for increased visual acuity.
• Pigment infused lens tint for everyday use.

Von Zipper Sunglasses Wildlife Plasma Chrome Polarized

We have a wide selection of Sunglasses fom Electric, Smith as well as many other brands!

It’s Polarized only better

Furthermore what you may not know is that there is a hidden enemy out there for your eyes that even the strongest pair of polarized sunglasses won’t protect you from. That evil invisible force is called HEV light, which also can seriously damage those optical windows of your.

Additionaly Lucky for you, not only do we have great polarized sunglasses but also each pair features our patented WildLife Lens Technology. This is the only technology in the marketplace that blocks 99.9% of HEV rays and provides superior clarity with an added benefit of a visual energy boost, allowing you to be as wild as you want without any concern of slowing down!

High Energy Visible (HEV) light, also known as blue light, consists of high-frequency light waves. The light spectrum consists of many different colored light waves. All with varying frequencies. All of these light waves naturally enter your eyes all at once. Without any consistency or pattern. Many things attribute to this inconsistency, such as changing weather, reflective surfaces as well as movement of things in your line of sight. Thus making it almost impossible to see real color definition. Our WildLife Lens Technology adjusts to these intrusive factors by cutting out the reflective light waves. Allowing light to enter your eyes evenly and consistently. We’ve also added an infused pigment into our lens that focuses on the specific colored light waves that enhance color perception and gives your eyes true definition clarity.

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