VonZipper Sunglasses

VonZipper Elmore sunglasses. Papa was a rolling stone and wherever he hung his hat was his home. So why don’t you hang a pair of VonZipper Elmore sunglasses on your face and get rambling on your mind so you can roll out the old school way.


We Carry a large selection of sunglasse!

We Carry a large selection of sunglasse!

Specs: VonZipper Elmore sunglasses are handmade in Italy; the frame is crafted from nylon grilamid and held together with stainless steel optical hinges. The base 6 spherical impact resistant polycarbonate lenses will protect your eyes with 100% UV protection.

WildLife Lens Technology

Our WildLife Lens Technology blocks 100% of the HEV light. HEV which causes fatigue, strain, damage and as well as those crusty things in your eyes. They balance out the exact amount of light you need in each color. By cutting out all of the bad stuff and absorbing all the awesome, healthy stuff. We’ve also added an infused polarizing filter to eliminate glare and haze. Caused by reflected light off of water, windshields and wristwatches. The awesome stuff enters your eyes evenly in just the right amount. THE RESULT IS A BOOST OF TRUE COLOR AND CLARITY AND AN ENHANCED VISUAL EXPERIENCE!

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