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Welcome to NC Boardshop! We are the South Bay's original supplier of all things skate, and surf. With a history of over 30 years, we carry the largest inventory of skateboarding, surfing, and scooter equipment. Alongside these, we also carry all the best brands and clothes available so you can represent your own style however you see fit. Browse our vast inventory online or visit our Los Gatos store today!

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It doesn't matter what you're into or what level you're at - we've got something for everyone. Whether you're just a beginner or you're a highly experienced professional, we're committed to working with you to help you find everything you need at a price that makes sense for you. Every member of our expert team is and avid skater, or surfer themselves, and we share your same passion for the sport. No matter what your level of experience, we'll help you find the perfect, wheel, deck, truck, board, or anything else you need. With the largest inventory in the bay area, you'll never leave our shop unsatisfied!

Furthermore, we keep you up to date by on the latest news to hit the bay area’s skating scene by showcasing some of the awesome new products we have in store! Feel free to check out our most recent post below or check out some of our older posts in the past.


Check out our Large selection of SLOWTIDE Cisco Changing Poncho Beach Travel Towels Blankets Tote Bags

SLOWTIDE Cisco Changing Poncho Beach Travel Towels Blankets Tote Bags as well as much more fun gear. In addition Slowtide has some awesome prints as well as collaborating with some insane artist.

SLOWTIDE Cisco Changing Poncho Beach Travel Towels Blankets Tote Bags

We have a fantastic selection of SLOWTIDE New 2018 collection!

 The Art of Drying Off

Slowtide was founded in 2015 by Kyle Spencer, Dario Phillips & Wylie Von Tempsky in California. We started Slowtide to fill a void in a market we found to be uninspiring and mundane. Additionally the first product we created was a functional, new medium for art on a premium 100% cotton towel. However Since then we’ve introduced a selection of beach and bath towels, blankets and ponchos made from a variety of best-in-class materials. Furthermore Inspired by all bodies of water and our love for art, Slowtide is a collaboration of three friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products.

In addition We’ve been featured in GQ, HypeBeast, Outside Magazine, Vogue, Forbes, Surfer Magazine & Juxtapoz. Slowtide works with world-renowned artists, athletes and brands like Sage Erickson, Takashi Murakami, Stussy, Curren Caples, Clark Little as well as Acacia Swimwear. Our goal is to make the daily ritual of drying off an art form.

Jeff Canham is an artist and designer from Seattle who resides in San Francisco.

Furthermore Jeff’s colorful, typographic compositions showcase his skills as an artist, graphic designer, as well as traditional sign painter. From holding the position of art director at Surfer Magazine. Learning the time-honored craft of sign painting at New Bohemia Signs. Jeff’s art has been shown around the globe- in New York, California, Australia, as well as Japan. Jeff Canham’s newest collection of sculptures and paintings will be on display at Mollusk in San Francisco on November 18th.


Von Zipper Sunglasses Wildlife Plasma Chrome Polarized

When life gives you glare and haze, you fight back with a good pair of polarized shades. Lucky for you, VonZipper polarized sunglasses feature our patented WildLife Lens Technology. Stop on in and try apair of Von Zipper Sunglasses Wildlife Plasma Chrome Polarized

The WildLife Plasma Chrome Polarized+ Lens…

• Blocks 99.9% of harmful HEV “blue light” rays.
• Cuts out glare & haze for increased visual acuity.
• Pigment infused lens tint for everyday use.

Von Zipper Sunglasses Wildlife Plasma Chrome Polarized

We have a wide selection of Sunglasses fom Electric, Smith as well as many other brands!

It’s Polarized only better

Furthermore what you may not know is that there is a hidden enemy out there for your eyes that even the strongest pair of polarized sunglasses won’t protect you from. That evil invisible force is called HEV light, which also can seriously damage those optical windows of your.

Additionaly Lucky for you, not only do we have great polarized sunglasses but also each pair features our patented WildLife Lens Technology. This is the only technology in the marketplace that blocks 99.9% of HEV rays and provides superior clarity with an added benefit of a visual energy boost, allowing you to be as wild as you want without any concern of slowing down!

High Energy Visible (HEV) light, also known as blue light, consists of high-frequency light waves. The light spectrum consists of many different colored light waves. All with varying frequencies. All of these light waves naturally enter your eyes all at once. Without any consistency or pattern. Many things attribute to this inconsistency, such as changing weather, reflective surfaces as well as movement of things in your line of sight. Thus making it almost impossible to see real color definition. Our WildLife Lens Technology adjusts to these intrusive factors by cutting out the reflective light waves. Allowing light to enter your eyes evenly and consistently. We’ve also added an infused pigment into our lens that focuses on the specific colored light waves that enhance color perception and gives your eyes true definition clarity.


NC Customers receive 10% off all Booking made in April aboard Monterey Bay’s #1 Sport fishing Boat the MISS BETH! www.gofishsantacruzcharters.com


NC BOARDSHOP Customers receive 10% off all booking made in April 2018 aboard Santa Cruz finest 6-pack boat (offer expires April 30th 2018). The beautiful Miss Beth is 30 foot Island Hopper, Miss Beth is certainly hands down the #1 Charter boat in Monterey Bay. GOFISHSANTACRUZCHARTERS.COM SALMON ROCKCOD WHALE WATCHING


If JT on the Miss Beth can’t find the fish no one can!


JT and Miss Beth run a first class operation!


About The Captain

Furthermore Captain JT has fished the waters of Santa Cruz as well as Monterey Bay for over 15 years. Additionally JT holds a master captain’s license with the U.S. Coast Guard. Most importantly JT will find the fish for you, whether it is salmon, halibut, rock cod, sea bass as well as tuna. GOFISHSANTACRUZCHARTHERS is in fact is a Family run Business JT along with his Mom takes pride in their Business and it shows. JT runs the boat as well as puts you on the fish while his Mom handles all the bookings as well as daily operations.


Additionally Miss Beth is a full-service charter, chiefly specializing in fishing trips. Inanition wildlife viewing, as well as sunset bay cruises from the beautiful Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. Our 30′ Island Hopper is the perfect vessel to enjoy the Santa Cruz coast and beyond. The entire Central Coast of California is our playground. Your captain JT has fished waters of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay for over 15 years.

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